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Waivers, Appeals, and Revocation


  • Candidates may request a waiver for eligibility requirements for either initial certification or recertification.

  • Candidates must submit requests for waiver writing outlining the particular circumstances relating to the request.

  • Waivers may be granted at the ABPLM Board’s discretion in extenuating circumstances based on merit and as deemed appropriate by the Board.

  • Candidates requesting waivers will be notified of the Board’s decision within twenty (20) working days of after the ABPLM Board meeting.


Appeals Process:

In the event that certification or recertification is denied or revoked, submission of corrected or additional information to the ABPLM Board is the first course of action.  If the submission of additional information does not resolve the Board’s questions or the candidate’s concerns, a candidate may appeal the decision through the process described below.


  1. Submit a written request for an appeal review to the ABPLM Board of Directors stating the justification(s) for the appeal and including supporting documentation.

  2. Within fifteen (15) working days after receipt of the appeal, the Chair of the ABPLM Board of Directors will appoint an appeal panel of three (3) certified medical directors who are not members of the ABPLM Board to review the case.

  3. Within twenty (20) working days of its appointment, the appeals panel will undertake a preliminary review of the case to determine whether the appeal should be granted without a hearing.

  4. If the appeals panel does not determine that the appeal should be granted, it shall elect a chairman from among its members who shall notify the appealing party in writing of the date, place, and time of the appeal hearing.

  5. The hearing shall be conducted under the direction of the chairman of the appeals panel.  The appealing party shall be responsible for his/her expenses, including legal fees if the individual chooses to be represented by counsel.

  6. Within fifteen (15) working days after the hearing, the appeals panel shall make a recommendation to either (1) uphold the non-approval or revocation, or (2) grant or reinstate certification.  The recommendation of the appeals panel shall be made directly to the ABPLM governing body.  At its next regularly scheduled meeting, the governing body shall make the final decision.

  7. The decision of the ABPLM governing body shall be final, and the Chair of the ABPLM Board of Directors shall immediately notify the appealing party and the ABPLM Board of the final decision.    


Revocation of Certification:

The CMD credential and certification of any CMD will be revoked by the ABPLM Board of Directors for:

  • revocation or relinquishment of the license to practice medicine or

  • failure to recertify within the time required as described above or

  • failure to pay applicable fees.


The CMD credential and certification of any CMD may be revoked by the ABPLM Board of Directors for:

  • Disciplinary action as a result of an alleged violation of either the ABPLM Code of Ethics or the individual codes of related organizations in which the individual holds or has held membership or

  • Disciplinary action taken by any state or federal agency.




Approved:        November 1992


Revised:          August 9, 2008

                        August 22, 2009

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