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CMD-Mentored Geriatric Fellowship Experience


The ABPLM CMD Program was developed to better define the core skills and knowledge necessary for effective medical direction. Geriatrics Fellows are firmly placed on the fast track to become a Certified Medical Director (CMD). Current Geriatrics Fellows can participate in a CMD-mentored fellowship experience to expedite meeting employment and education eligibility requirements to become a CMD. ABPLM certification through eligibility pathway option one (see full eligibility requirements) requires two years of employment experience as a medical director or associate medical director in post-acute or long-term care settings.  Through a CMD-mentored fellowship experience, one year of this medial director experience may now be completed during the fellowship period.  Additionally a CMD-mentored fellowship experience reduces the number of CME credits needed for certification.


Interested fellows must sign up to participate in the CMD-mentored Experience at the beginning of fellowship training. Enrollment in the program is not automatic.  After submission of the interest form, you will be contacted by ABPLM staff with additional details on requirements of the CMD-mentored experience.


Download an overview of the requirements to participate in the CMD-mentored fellowship experience.


Click here to complete the required interest form to participate in the CMD-mentored experience.

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