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Core Curriculum on Medical Direction in Post-Acute and Long-Term Care


General eligibility for initial certification as a Certified Medical Director (CMD) requires the completion of 46 hours of CME education covering the body of knowledge for medical direction.  Completion of the AMDA Core Curriculum ( meets this requirement.  Currently, there are no other courses that have been identified that provide the body of knowledge required for CMD certification.


AMDA -The Society for Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medicine offers the AMDA Core Curriculum on Medical Direction (Core Curriculum) which guides participants through 22 critical areas of long-term care management. Each topic builds on information shared and interactive exercises of the topics that precede to create a comprehensive and cohesive picture of medical direction in long-term care. The Core Curriculum is presented in two parts, each reflecting elements of adult-learning practices. Part I of the Core Curriculum is a prerequisite for attending Part II. Part I of the Core Curriculum is only available online.


For information on future offerings of the Core Curriculum, click here.



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